User Manual

Opening a Stereo Pair or Video File

Opening a Stereo Pair From a Single File

You can open a stereo file (JPS, JPEG, MPO) or a video file in the following ways:

  • Via menu “File” - > “Open” or The Open button on the toolbar.
  • Drag and drop the file from the file Manager (Explorer) to the program window.
  • Double click on the file of the registered type (JPS or MPO).
  • Through the context menu “Open with …” in Explorer.

Opening a Stereo Pair From a Separate File

If the Stereo pair is stored in separate files for the left and right eyes, you can download it one way:

  • Through the “file” menu - > ” open separate files “ or The Открыть button on the toolbar.
    In the window that opens, first select the image file for the left eye and then for the right eye.
  • Highlighting in Explorer 2 file and dragging them into the program window.
  • Through the context menu “Open with …” in Explorer, selecting 2 files.

Format of the Source

Supported stereo formats:

  • Row Interlaced;
  • Column Interleaved;
  • Anaglyph Red/Cyan;
  • Anaglyph Yellow/Blue;
  • Side by Side;
  • Anamorphic Side by Side;
  • Over/Under;
  • Anamorphic Over/Under;
  • Mono;

The file format is determined automatically in the following cases:

  • The MPO file is opened.
  • A video file with two video streams is opened.
  • The JPS or JPEG file contains a stereo handle.
  • The video file contains metadata describing the stereo format.

If the format is not automatically defined, you can select it from the source Format menu.