Stereo Photo Viewer

StereoPhotoView is a viewer/editor for stereoscopic 3d photo and video.


Supported File Types


An ordinary JPEG file with a stereo pair.
Can contain a stereo descriptor. In this case, the stereo source format is determined automatically when the file is opened.


MPO files contains two separate JPEG images for the left and right view.

Video files

Supports all formats and codecs supported by FFmpeg library.

Supported stereo formats


Reading, saving, and displaying:

  • Row interlaced;
  • Column interlaced;
  • Anaglyph red/cyan;
  • Anaglyph yellow/blue;
  • Side by side;
  • Anamorphic side by side;
  • Over/under;
  • Anamorphic over/under;
  • Mono;

Read and write only:

  • Separate frames (MPO, separate JPEG files, or video files with two streams).

Supported devices

  • Anaglyph glasses.
  • Monitors and TVs using passive polarization technology, such as LG.
    Use “Row interlaced” mode with the native resolution.
  • Other 3D displays.
    Many 3D displays recognize different stereo formats.

Editing 3D images

  • Vertically and horizontally alignment, and rotation;
  • Automatic vertically and horizontally alignment, and rotation;
  • Cropping;
  • Stereo format conversion;
  • Editing viewes in an external image editor.

Выравнивание Кадрирование

Editing 3D videos

  • Vertically and horizontally alignment;
  • Stereo format conversion;

The result can be saved in one of the following formats: mp4, mkv, avi, flv.

Metadata describing the stereo format is added to the mp4 and mkv files.

Command line mode

The application includes a command line utility stereo-conv, which allows you to convert a stereo format and edit stereoscopic photo and video files. To display help on usage, type the command line: stereo-conv -h or stereo-conv.

Stereo Photo View accepts parameters that specify the format of the input file. To display help, type stereophotoview -h.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Linux